A unique payment solution that will solve any billing situation of your business

By integrating your system with Ezpays API you will be able to initiate payments from your own interface, so you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of our payment service and you will be able to adapt it to the specific needs of your business.

To use it you only have to register in the platform and once you have your account active you will have your API key.

An API so you can integrate with all our banks

We have more than 1200 financial institutions in +27 countries in the EU and the UK.

It is essential to know the bank from which the payment will be made before you can initiate the payment.

Get the list of available banks so that your customer can choose his bank.

Improve your customers' experience with less data on payments

  • To initiate the payment you will also need the customer’s ID, so if you don’t have it you will have to create it so that the API will return that ID.
  • We do not want more data than we need, so if the payment is punctual you can create the customer by sending only his email.
  • In case the payment is recurring we will also need the “IBAN” and the ” Account Holder Name” from which the payment is going to be made.

Improve your customers' experience with less data on payments


Initiate one-off or recurring payments as easily as possible from your checkout page.

Check the payment status whenever you need to keep your data up to date and control your cash flows.

Take advantage of Open Banking technology by putting it at the service of your platform, using a single centralized API.


While we work for you, you can focus on your business

Satisfied customers

Reliable payments and secure billing are synonymous with satisfied customers. Customers pay conveniently without unnecessary data entry.


We take care of automating what costs you most, so there are no errors and no fraud - and at the best price. Secure customer data and transactions directly with the bank. No passwords or cards involved.

Reduce costs

No intermediaries, no fees and no processing or return costs. Automated direct debit reduces management costs.

Do you want to start saving time and money now?