Payment button

The Ezpays payment button is the easiest way to integrate a bank-to-bank payment system into your website.

You can send single payments or recurring payments by defining the payment details and frequency.

To start using it you only need to register on the platform and once you have your account active you will have your API key.

Then just follow these simple instructions:

How to integrate it into your checkout page?

1. Copy the code

Copy the code snippet and paste it into your checkout page.

<div id=“ezPaymentComponent”>
<div id=“ezAmount”>0.01</div>
<div id=“ezDescription”>Test payment</div>
<div id=“ezPayerEmail”>contact@ezpays.io</div>
<script src=“https://b2bbank.ezpays.io/sdk/paymentComponent/V1”></script>
var config = {
apiKey: “your-secret-api-key”,
confirmationUrl: “https://your-domain.com/success”,
checkoutUrl: window.location.href
var button = new EzPaysPaymentComp(config);

2. Add your data

Replaces “your-secret-api-key” by your API key, which you can find in your Ezpays dashboard once your account is working.

Change the confirmation url “https://your-domain.com/success” by the thank you page of your ecommerce.

3. Start receiving incomes

Where? In the bank account you authorised during the account activation process.

When? Less than 48 working hours after the payment has been processed (except for recurring payments, which will be effective on the scheduled date).

Easy to plug.

Test the payment button

You can check how it works here and now:

We have prepared a real test payment in the amount of €0.01 so you can see the payment process.

Select your bank and you will see how easy it is to make a payment with Ezpays.

Test payment