What is Ezpays?

Ezpays is a service that generates a payment gateway for businesses, allowing you to collect recurring or one-off payments automatically directly from your customers’ accounts to yours.

Our payment platform is built to take a leap towards business modernisation. Ezpays allows payment volumes to be processed automatically, thereby reducing both monetary and time costs. We help companies to digitise processes, optimise their payment methods and integrate new business models and payment methodologies into society.


Ezpays will be the multi-channel platform that will allow companies to charge their services directly from their customers’ bank accounts in an automated, recurring, secure and direct way.

Giving service to companies that need recurring payments, punctual or to collect small amounts that are now made via visa or mastercard.


Ezpays is on a mission to facilitate peer to peer payments between citizens and businesses

Our team

Sunil Bhardwaj

CEO and CO-Founder of Ezpays

Sunil is the innovator, the one with the craziest and most effective ideas. He has moved from the world of professional sport to business and finance, coming up with new, unique and innovative ideas and knowing how to adapt to all the changes that come his way. He is on his way to his next Ironman if Covid doesn’t stop him.

Alvaro Martín

CTO and Co-Founder of Ezpays

Álvaro is the artist: a multidisciplinary musician, glued to a computer since the dreaded “Y2K bug”, he was able to overcome it and continue programming until the machines understood him almost as well as people.

Álvaro Gordillo

Chief Sales

Álvaro is our traveller, he has travelled to more than 50 countries and has lived around the world for more than 12 years. He is crazy about sports, basketball, tennis and football are his passions, in love with his Cádiz CF. A gaditano, ambassador of Andalusia, but with no knowledge of chirigotas. With him our clients are taken care of 100%.

Carlos Cedres

Head of growth

The whirlwind: never stops learning and experimenting. He does not understand life without challenges, if there are two options, he will choose the difficult one. Analytical, does not take “impossible” for an answer. Originally from the Canary Islands, but living in Austria, you can find him getting lost on a new mountain, mingling with people in a new country or challenging himself at darts.

Sandra Bardo

Growth Department

Sandra is our all-rounder, no matter what is asked of her, she does it perfectly. She loves analysis and metrics. She is always looking for a good solution. She loves music, animals and nature.

Javier Cortina

Sales department

Javier is our youngest member, who at only 21 years of age has managed to make a name for himself in the world of payment processors and the changes that are to come. He loves sports and business.

Raúl Campos Fernández


The alchemist who left the laboratories for programming, soft and fast hands that write code with the same precision with which aspirins are manufactured

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