Ezpays costs less than other recurring payment systems. It is also a clear and transparent service.

No monthly fee

You will be able to send payments, check the status of your payments in real time and generate unlimited payment and registration forms. You will save more than 60% on your costs vs. other solutions on the market.

As low as 0,47 %

per receipt. Forget about commissions that are complicated to understand and not very transparent.

How will fees be paid?

Ezpays commits to only charge for the fees for payments actually requested, never again and there will be no other costs such as: set-up fees, unsubscription fees or other hidden fees. This form is valid for any of our payment products. 

In addition, we will automatically charge you a minimum monthly fee for Ezpays payment services, depending on your monthly billing intervals through Ezpays: 


Minimal usage

Below 10.000€



Minimal usage

From 10.001€ to 40.000€


Minimal usage

From 40.001€ to 100.000€


Minimal usage

More than 100.001€ 

Volumen over 400.000€/month contact contact@ezpays.io

All other fees for requested payments will be calculated about this 0,47% and an invoice will be sent it arrears. 

All this detailed information will be indicated in our terms and conditions of use upon registration form.