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Enable bank-to-bank payments at unique prices from your checkout page or wherever you need:

The payment method that will make it easier to run your business

Your money instantly

The money will arrive to your bank account between 24 and 48 hours without any type of retention

Save 80% in commissions

Discover unique prices for only 0.47% per transaction

Increase your conversion rate by more than 8%

Save 2 clicks in the customer payment process compared to credit/debit cards

Secure and reliable system

No intermediaries and eliminates the risk of fraudulent credit/debit cards. We do not ask for unnecessary data

Enjoy the most efficient payment gateway with Open Banking

The easiest method for your customers.

We show you how your customer saves two clicks in the checkout process and how you will increase your e-Commerce cashout ratio.


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Ezpays, the secure payment gateway with low commissions

Integrate in just a few minutes the payment gateway for instant bank-to-bank transfers

Discover a real, reliable and very competitive alternative in price to Stripe, credit/debit cards or Paypal, among others.

Get the freedom to configure your payment method for both one-off and recurring payments by defining the features and periodicity.

Ezpays payment gateway is the easiest way to integrate an account-by-account payment system into your website.

Discover some of the possibilities of your direct debit banking platform

  • Monitoring the payment status

In the “Payments” section of the panel you can check the status of payments in real time. You will be able to check whether it has been sent, opened, accepted or expired. You will then be able to take actions to bring all these payments to accepted.

  • Recurring payments

For your subscription models you will be able to give several temporary options to your customer. They can pay every 2 weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Enter the number of installments to pay and the amount, a link is sent by email to the customer and he authorizes it from his online banking. It couldn’t be faster and easier.

  • Subscription payments

Do you have a subscription form? With Ezpays you can create forms with the data you want to collect, send them by Whatsapp, email or on your website and with each registration, the customer will be sent the payment request automatically.

  • Payment reminders

You will be able to send payment reminders to all your customers who have not accepted payments in an unlimited and totally free way. Save having to do it manually by exporting an XML to your bank if you are operating with SEPA direct debit. You will be able to easily keep track of everything collected.

For developers

Integrate your Ezpays payment gateway easily:

To use it you only need to register on the platform and once you have your account operational, in other words, your email verified and have indicated your subscription account in the "Configuration" section, you will have your API key:

1. Copy the code

Copy the code snippet and paste it into your checkout page.

2. Add your details

Replace "your-secret-api-key" with your API key, which you can find in your Ezpays panel once your account is operational.

Change the confirmation url "https://your-domain.com/success" to your merchant's confirmation url.

3. Start receiving income


In the bank account you authorized during the account activation process.

When? Less than 48 hours after the payment has been processed (except for recurring payments, which will be effective on the scheduled date).

It´s that EASY! Want to try it?

Try the payment button now

You can check how it works here and now:

We have prepared a real test payment in the amount of 0,01 € so you can see the payment process.

Select your bank and you will see how easy it is to make a payment with Ezpays.

Test payment

While we work for you, you can focus on your business

Satisfied customers

Reliable payments and secure billing are synonymous with satisfied customers. Customers pay conveniently without unnecessary data entry.


We take care of automating what costs you most, so there are no errors and no fraud - and at the best price. Secure customer data and transactions directly with the bank. No passwords or cards involved.

Reduce costs

No intermediaries, no fees and no processing or return costs. Automated direct debit reduces management costs.

Do you want to start saving time and money now?