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Ezpays facilitates the collection of both recurring and one-off payments directly from your customers' bank accounts.

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Leave credit card and/or SEPA hassles behind

Forget about the high commissions of cards or traditional methods and save more than 80% in costs

Eliminate 100% of the return of receipts and its related expenses.

Reduce in 2 clicks the online purchase process compared to credit cards and increase your conversion rates by 8%.

Automate your recurring payments today and forget about them forever. Save 90% of management time compared to SEPA.

How do Ezpays instant payments work?

Select Ezpays instant transfer and you will be redirected to the bank of your choice to securely accept the payment from your online banking.


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No set-up costs or hidden fees

As low as 0,47% per receipt.

This is your payment method if you are a:


For both one-off and recurring payments, forget the high commissions and fraud of credit/debit cards, eliminate 100% of refunds, enjoy having the money directly in your bank and not in the platform of an intermediary bank. Increase your conversion rates by eliminating two clicks in the checkout process making it easier for your customers.

Add a complementary method to your online store and increase your conversion rates even more. In addition, the integration of the payment button will only take a few minutes or you can do it through our plugins. What are you waiting for to try it for free for 14 days?

Business with a subscription model

Forget about returned payments for expired cards or SEPA direct debits, bank retentions, chasing your customers to sign the order or make the transfer and manually checking the status of your collections.

Instead, automate the entire process, enjoy the complete elimination of your returns and retentions, enjoy the lowest and most transparent commissions and visualize the status of your payments in real time. If you also have an app in the Apple Store marketplace and you are paying a 30% commission using Apple Pay, this service is a must. You will increase your revenue up to 150 times per payment by switching to a 0.47% cost!

Ezpays is an expert in Open Banking Payments

Discover our products

Direct debit banking platform

Real-time payments and simple automatic request for collections.

Payment gateway

Payment method for your checkout page with +10% conversion with 2 clicks less

Payment API

The complete API that allows you to adapt any casuistry of payments in your business.


Plugins and integrations

Increase your connectivity with our network of plugins and integrators.

Why Ezpays?

Go beyond your limits via Open Banking

Ezpays is in charge of facilitating the management of your collections so that you can pursue higher goals.

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remittance returns
intermediaries between your bank account and your customer's bank account
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elimination of the risk of fraudulent credit/debit cards
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banks throughout the EU and UK

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